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Project Build 79 shovel head
  • I bought this Harley way back a while ago, Its had several transformations.
    Its a Lot of fun changing the looks around on these Bikes.
    Looking to redo the paint scheme soon, if anyone has Ideas shoot me a Line or a Photo.
  • 11:1 compression , Jims rollers rockers , S&S oil pump, S&S super Carburator, S&S piston set Chrome rear swing arm, 5 gallon tanks, Painted frame, Straight drags with back pressure insert.
    Lots of engine mods, New gears and seals in 4 speed.
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  1. thegrizz
    That's looks like my old Shovel. Different paint scheme though. I do love the old bikes. Mine was a 79 as well. Dyna Lowrider. Nice job!
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    1. liquid1
      Thanks, I been wanting to get a Pro paint job but wow there expensive. There's probably Millions of miles on this one, I bought it from a guy that worked for me at the time He rode it hard chasing chicks had a hole in primary swing arm bearings were worn slap out I paid to much for it. But at the time I needed fixer upper and liked the old school steel shovels. Its took a while but finally got it dialed in and it stays together.. he he
      liquid1, Mar 13, 2015
  2. Kenny G
    A buddy had a '79 HD Fatty and I had a '79 Triumph Bonneville Special Edition and we use to ride the shit out of them bike. Man we had a blast traveling on them, rode trips for 3-4 days when we were off work. Kick myself for sale in the Triumph, but bought a Goldwing and that was a cruzzer.. Good lookin bike.
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    1. liquid1
      Thanks, WOW, A Triumph Bonneville se That would be worth a mint today, nice bike..
      liquid1, Mar 13, 2015
  3. ponti1
    Beautiful shovel!! Would love to have the time to restore a pre-AMF bike myself, but I think that will be more of a "after kids are grown" sort of goal.