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Garage Blackbird
  • UTV & Side by Side Make:
    Blackbird is my 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Black Pearl. So far the machine is pretty much stock. Just added a few things for person comfort, and protection. Stock the performance and suspension are beyond what I expected. Performance wise it's great even though any normal guy can always want more even with over 100 hp. :08: I've got around 1,350 miles on it with only one issue being the voltage regulator. Pretty happy with that being I've always been a Yamaha guy and not Polaris. Can't wait to be able to mod this machine out some more. So many things you can do lol
  • Emp front bumper that has protected the rzr in a front end collision already, Viper 5000# elite wide spool winch, Half windshield, polaris Roof, home made fender extensions, and rigid duallies mounted on lower part of windshield roll bar.
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  1. liquid1
    Awesome looking machine. Looks bad arse even stock..:s_cool:
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