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Garage Gaderider13's 2013 Renegade 1000 XXc
  • ATV Make:
  • Full ricochet skids, Raztech front and rear bumper, slipon muzzy w/ VForceJohn Digituner, VForceJohn Primary, STM Gen 2 Secondary, BNR Pitman arm, Six5 Design antivibe stem, Fasst Flexx handlebars, ABF light mount, ASR tierods, Rigid Industries 10" SR light bar, full GP bushings, MrRPM spin on filter adaptor, ricochet rack, DPS heatsink, pelican 1500 case, custom shift knob/gas cap, Race Driven brakes, TricLED angel eyes, Genright auto-reverse lights, 4 zone Moose heated ODI lock on grips, Rotopax, Garmin Montana 600, DEI heat wrap, custom rad guard
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  1. Kenny G
    You've got a lot of nice mod's on your bike, looks good Gaderider13.
  2. liquid1
    Yea its Bad Arse,Nuff said..
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