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Garage Jesse's Teryx
  • UTV & Side by Side Make:
    Blue 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 800 2 seater. I love to take this Teryx places that people think it can't go or won't fit. I seem to make a few more believers out of skeptics at every group ride. These Teryx's are built like a tank.
  • ~Kawi Top, 1/2 Windshield, and bumpers
    ~Superwinch Terra 45 with Synth line
    ~42"LED light bar,6" LED light bar and, a pair of Rigid Duallies
    ~2" Highlifter lift kit
    ~JBS Floorboard protectors
    ~STi Beadlock wheels
    ~27" GBC Dirt Commanders
    ~Full Ricochet skids with UHMW optional layer
    ~Warn Provantage snow plow
    ~1.75 gal Rotopax
    ~Pro Armor Quickshot Jack
    ~Redneck Tupperware aka 50 cal ammo can/toolbox
    ~Custom switch panel, Lightbar mount, and Rotopax mount by me
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  1. bluesmanjesse
    The one pic is the catalytic converter I cut out of the exhaust, very easy mod on these Teryx's.
    1. Kenny G
      I had no idea they put catalytic converters in the exhaust system, what were they thinking it's an off road machine. Do you know if most of the new bike have them? I know my '08 didn't.
      Kenny G, Mar 23, 2015
  2. Kenny G
    From what I've seen, I'd say that beast is a trail whore, lol..... What are you holding in your hand in the one pic, a karakoe mike gone redneck? Good lookin bike!
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  3. liquid1
    Jesse, yes they are//Very nice machines yours is looking good :08:
      bluesmanjesse likes this.