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Garage Ktm torque monster dirt bike
  • Bought this bike new in nov 2001 off the show room floor.
    Bike is completely stock and runs like a scalded cat, welcome to the 100 mph club !!
    Raced several GNCC C class races, Raced the local NCHSA 4 Strike B class and some local Mid east open B class races. Retired from racing in 2004 now just trail ride.
    Nothing like getting a handful of throttle on a big bore torque monster.
  • Enduro engineering hand guards and pipe guards.
    Total control GNCC style woods setup suspension.
    FX seat cover
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  1. Kenny G
    Sounds like it'd be handful on the track, let it rip and hold on.....
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    1. liquid1
      Heck yea, Its been aired out Higher than i wanted to go when Racing. I like to stay stuck to the ground, Less impact when I hit the ground..he he
      liquid1, Mar 12, 2015