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Armor All Shield

Discussion in 'Member Submitted Reviews' started by Mrnagasaki, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Mrnagasaki

    Mrnagasaki Site Supporter

    Jul 22, 2012
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    A couple weeks ago I posted a thread about the new Armor All Shield products to see if anyone has used it(link below). Since no one had I decided to buy a bottle of the wheel protectant and try it out, I have also attached I couple pictures of the results.

    The directions state that you must spray the entire wheel without any wiping, just spray it on. Once you spray it on, you need to let it set for a minimum of 24 hours before any contact with water, dirt, mud, etc. I had not yet installed the wheels on my Grizz so I sprayed the wheels and let them sit in my garage for 2 days before I put them on the Grizz. I did spray the inside and outside of the wheels since the were not on the atv.

    I took the Grizz out for a ride yesterday and let me say that the new Armor All Shield is awesome, we rode through a variety of terrain and nothing stuck to the wheels. the first picture is right after getting out of a mud hole. The second picture is less then a minute later just riding through a small creek. I think the priduct works great, next I will try it on they plastics and see how it affects them while riding through the muck. I will report back and let everyone know how it does on the plastics.

    0810121704.jpg 0810121717.jpg

  2. Butch450

    Butch450 Administrator
    Staff Member

    May 2, 2012
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    Rockaway, NJ
    Thanks for the review. Have to grab some of this before the next ride.

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