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Kolpin rear lounger

Discussion in 'Member Submitted Reviews' started by 02660on30s, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. 02660on30s

    02660on30s Site Supporter

    May 9, 2012
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    Ok I've had my Kolpin rear lounger for about 2 years now. I figured I would post a review for people in the market for a lounger. I have the rear lounger with helmet storage picked it up on ebay new for around 260 shipped. They advertise it as having room for two helmets but it has way more. In the pictures you will see what I carry in mine consist of a small air compressor,co2 tire inflator kit,tire plug kit,2 tank bags,a 10ft strap,clevis,and 3 helmets and there's still some room left in there. It has not faded at all and unfortunately my bike sits outside in the sun. They only time it has gotten any water in it was when I cracked my wheel and it sit with the corner under water for about 15 to 20 mins. As far as normal conditions rain and dust does not get in. I added a seat belt to it that I picked up from the auto parts store since it was mainly bought for the youngin to ride in. Although I have rode adults in it on several occasions and they fit just fine and the seat belt kept them from sliding into my back. The pads for the seat and back that come with it are pretty comfortable. I do keep them in it or in the garage when it's not being used. I would recommend this box to anyone looking for one like this there are built in hand holds on the underside front of the armrests also. Just wanted to post up for anyone looking. We use a pressure washer to clean ours and that does'nt get in either. Thanks Shawn

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