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New Helmet

Discussion in 'Member Submitted Reviews' started by Woodbooger, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Woodbooger

    Woodbooger Site Supporter

    Jun 2, 2012
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    Carlisle, PA
    Well I went out and bought a new helmet today. The ones I have now are old and have beaten to hell and back. I looked at 3 different brands, HJC, Scorpion and Fulmer. First was the Fulmer ADV http://www.fulmerhelmets.com/catalog.aspx?id=160. Overall this isnt a bad helmet for being dual sport. It's light weight and has good ventilation. It also has a pull down shield for riding street or for high speed trail riding when you dont want the dust all up in your grill. I wasn't that happy with the cheek pieces and the overall shape of the helmet. I believe my head must be odd shaped or the helmet was built for people with more oval shaped heads. Mine is chubby lol. Price was cheaper than the one I bought at $129.00

    Second helmet I tried was the Scorpion VX-34 http://www.helmetcity.com/page/HC/PROD/vx-34-solids/vx34-matte-black. Overall the helmet had excellent styling. I liked the way it fit and the finish was well laid out. What I didnt like was the fact that the cheek pieces were inflatable with a small pump just under the inside mouth piece. Yes you can adjust the firmness of the cheek pieces but this wasn't tried and true technology and if the air pump or system failed you would have no cheek pieces at all. Now I was told if they do fail that the manufacturer would either fix or replace the helmet. Well that sounded great but what about if your in a middle of a ride in the middle of no where and it fails. Well then you ride around with a helmet that doesnt fit and will be rollin all around your mellon till it gets fixed. Sorry, not for me. Price was more than I paid for the one I bought at 160.00

    The third helmet was the HJC CL-X6 Hydron. http://www.hjchelmets.com/ Although I have read mixed reviews on this helmet I still wanted to try it out for myself.

    From this photo you can see you get the Helmet, Helmet bag, Instruction Manuel and an extra visor bolt.

    2012-07-14 18.58.58.jpg

    The helmet is DOT and Snell approved. Has 6 front ventilation intakes and 4 ventilation exhaust ports. Has large viewing area when the helmet is on and goggles fit very snugly with little strap movement. The cheek pieces are firm but not too hard that it makes your mellon ache plus you can buy different size cheek pieces which was a big plus since I'm sure these will wear out. The liner and cheek pieces are removable for cleaning and easily snap in and out. The visor has slots in it to help wind channel out instead of acting like an umbrella and catching air and dust. The helmet is light enough that your wont have a sore neck or shoulders from a days ride. I could have got a more expensive helmet but to be honest you would have to pay a lot more money for a Fox Racing, Shoei or even a Bell Helmet that has as many features as this one does. Price was $139.00

    Here is the liner removed
    2012-07-14 19.02.41.jpg

    Here you can see the mouth piece and front ventilation intakes.
    2012-07-14 19.10.26.jpg

    This is the other ventilation intakes. Just under the visor and if you look close you can see intakes that cool the inside liner just above your brow line.
    2012-07-14 19.10.06.jpg

    Now here is the biggest complaint about this helmet. Lots of people say that the visor bolts are made of cheap plastic and they break easily. Well thats because they are designed that way. HJC visors are "Break away" visors. Meaning that if your unmounted during riding for what ever reason your helmet visor doesnt get hung up on a limb, rock or guard rail if your on the streets and rips your mellon back so hard it snaps your neck. Think this wont happen...read up on motorcycle accidents and you will find it happens more often than not. So if you are one of those people that cry about plastic bolts then your not taking your safety very seriously. Just buy a couple extra bolts and carry them with you when you ride.
    2012-07-14 19.00.31.jpg

    For the price I dont think you can beat the features of this helmet. The other helmets had removable liners as well but they lacked features I was looking for. When I looked at all the helmets I asked the salesman, which i know personally, if he would set up a shop fan so I could feel the ventilation of each helmet and this one was the best by a small enough margin to win me over.

    I hope this helps others when looking for a decent priced helmet with great features. If you are in the market for a new helmet dont just settle on looks alone. Try them on with the D-loop secure. Hold your hands on the sides of the helmet firmly and try to move your head within the helmet. If you your head moves freely both side to side and front and back it is the wrong size or shape. Helmets are made differently and are not all round. Some are more oval for people with pointy heads and then there are round ones inside for fatheads like myself.

    Take it easy,

    2012-07-14 20.05.52.jpg
  2. crazyelece

    crazyelece Member

    May 23, 2012
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    Cincinnati, OH
    I have liked the HJC helmets I've owned, should be a nice lid for you
  3. Pamiller450

    Pamiller450 Member

    Jun 3, 2012
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    Tupelo, MS
    Mine is an HJC as well I have been very pleased with it so far. I had a really hard time finding a helmet that fit me good most where too tight in the cheek pads the one I have fit great I can't remember which model though.
  4. Butch450

    Butch450 Administrator
    Staff Member

    May 2, 2012
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    Rockaway, NJ
    I have a HJC I use as my 2nd helmet on trips. If my TLD gets real mudded up I'll switch to it the 2nd day usually.
  5. carolinagrizzlygirl

    Jul 11, 2012
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    Thanks for the review of the dual sport helmet by Fulmer. I have often considered getting one as sometimes I just want to wear sunglasses instead of goggles and get sick of eating the dust kicked up by riding behind my hubby on the trail. Plus it would be nice to have when the colder weather rolls around.

    I have a Bell Moto X 9 and love it (got it a good deal on it; no way I could pay $500+ for a recreational riding helmet). Comfy, light, and all the safety features I wanted and then some.

    I think Fly Racing has a decent dual sport model, and I have seriously considered getting it.
  6. liquid1

    liquid1 Member

    May 8, 2012
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    HJC here to, This is my 4th HJC use to race the GNCC and NCSHA local Dirt bike stuff with the $150 buck helmets. I can attest there made good and tuff, Great color options also..Thanks for the reviews
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