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Ricochet Full skidplates - Renegade 1000

Discussion in 'Member Submitted Reviews' started by Gaderider13, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Gaderider13

    Gaderider13 Member

    May 8, 2012
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    Vernon NJ
    The very first modification i do to any of my machines, is a quality set of full underbelly skidplates. My trails are very rocky, and without full skids, damage would quickly ensue. The stock skidplates on most machines are usually useless for this type of application, 95% of the time being made of plastic or completely lacking. MAny dont run skids, as their trails arent as rocky. If your trails arent rocky you typically wont need skids, as they add approx 30-35 lbs to the machine, and hold in mud. They can also made oil changes a little more difficult as they have a tendency of catching your used oil and dripping for days after.

    The kit for the Renegade 1000 completely covers the underside, including the TTI rear arms. Install is relatively easy, the most time consuming part was the main center/floorboard skid. Removing the entire floorboards on both sides was required, as bolt plates needed to be installed between the floorboards/floorboard brackets. Once those were in place, the rest went on easily. They use the typical 1/2 circle clamps with a welded nut. They upgraded the hardware to stainless Torq heads instead of the old allen heads, which have less of a chance of stripping out.

    The skidplates are high quality, fit very well and snugly against the frame and arms. 3/16th aluminum is used throughout. Very strong and will do their job and last a long time. Have a set of ricochets on my Grizzly 700, and after 5 years of abuse on some of the rockiest trails, are still holding up and doing what they were built to do.

    Overall, i highly recommend these if you ride rocky trails, and want to protect your investment.

    Heres a few pics.

    Stock Skidplates
    1234282_10201513870721154_2089280024_n by nickwierzbicki, on Flickr

    No skidplates installed
    1240480_10201513871721179_1121438624_n by nickwierzbicki, on Flickr

    Full skidplates installed
    1229998_10201555196994285_1481641087_n by nickwierzbicki, on Flickr

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