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Rocks and Ruts ROTM Contest 2014 Rules and Info.

Discussion in 'Rocks and Ruts Ride of the Month Contest 2014' started by Butch450, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Butch450

    Butch450 Administrator
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    May 2, 2012
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    Rockaway, NJ
    Rocks and Ruts.com is Proud to Present The 2014,

    "Rocks and Ruts Ride of the Month Contest"

    "Sponsored by Rocks and Ruts.com"

    Have an awesome image of your ATV or Side by Side coming out of that killer mud hole? Been to an amazing location and have an image of your ride in some great scenic surroundings? Are you proud of all the work you have done to your machine and want to show it off? If Yes,then enter your image in the Rocks and Ruts Ride of the Month Contest each month for a chance to win a great prize from our sponsor Rage Customs. The contest is open to all Regular Status Members, and Site Supporters who own a Utility ATV or Side by Side. Doesn't matter if it's an Arctic Cat, a Yamaha or any other make and model in between since all makes and models of Utility Vehicles are eligible.

    The contest will begin the Sunday closest to the 15th of every Month and entries will be open for 4 days. After the 4th day voting begins and will last for another 4 days. After the poll has closed we will announce the winner of the contest and they will have their winning image displayed on our Home Page until the next months contest and winner are announced.

    So about now I guess you are wondering what the prize will be. What? having your image displayed on the home page isn't a good enough prize for you? Well lucky for you it's not good enough for us either! Every month when we open each contest the prize for that month will be announced within the entry thread itself.

    So get those cameras out and enter for your chance to win!

    Rocks and Ruts Ride of the Month Contest Rules!

    • [*=left]Only one image per entry, so pick your best one! (non entry photos of your ride are not allowed in the contest threads)
      [*=left]Previous winning members of the current year are ineligible to re-participate in the contest. All 2013 winners are eligible to participate.
      [*=left]Any manufacture Utility ATV or Side by Side is eligible for entry into the contest as long as you currently own it.
      [*=left]All images must have the rider acting in a responsible manner. (Helmets are not required, but please refrain from entering irresponsible images or images of illegal activity, ie riding on railroad beds or holding a beer in one hand!)
      [*=left]Entries are Self Nomination Only.
      [*=left]Entries will begin on the first Sunday closest to the 15th of each month.
      [*=left]Entrant registrations will last for 4 days.
      [*=left]Voting will last for 4 days.
      [*=left]Rocks and Ruts staff members or affiliates are not permitted to participate.
      [*=left]Entrants and Voters must have "Regular Member" status (10 or more posts) or be "Site Supporters" to be eligible.
      [*=left]No Videos or Links to Videos are allowed in the contest threads.
      [*=left]If Multiple Members "Co-Own" 1 Vehicle, (Families or Friends) Then only 1 of the "Co-Owners" are eligible to participate in each contest.
      [*=left]The ROTM Contest is for "Members Only"! To be fair to All Members, any images entered that a member is not in and showcases a Spouse or Girlfriend who is not a member will be disqualified.
      [*=left]The Posting of "Any Additional Photos of, Videos of, or Links to Videos and Photos of Your Vehicle " (other than signature links and pics) in the contest threads "Will be Deleted" and May Result in Disqualification from This, and any Future Contests on Rocks and Ruts.com!
      [*=left]Rocks and Ruts.com reserves the right to terminate the contest at any time.
      [*=left]Rocks and Ruts.com reserves the right to disqualify a member for any reason.
      [*=left]Prize will Ship Free to Winners in the Continental US Only! For Winners Outside the Continental US a shipping Quote will be provided from the contest sponsor.

    The 1st Contest will begin Sunday January 26th @ 9pm EST
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